Year-round Outdoor Space

Comfortable outdoor spaces are hard to find during the winter and sometimes even during the summer. In the past we have solved these problems with semi-outdoor spaces such as enclosed porches and sun-rooms. The traditional method of creating a sun-room can be rather expensive and time consuming.

Poly-carbonate Glazing

During the past few weeks we have been researching poly-carbonate glazing systems to enclose some of the porches on our homes. These systems are less expensive and simpler to construct than traditional methods. The system is essentially a kit of parts which is applied directly to the framing of an enclosure. These systems can turn your porch into a greenhouse for gathering and entertaining during the winter and with proper ventilation and passive solar shading can offer a comfortable bug free zone during the summer.

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Looking for something more custom? We can take these “off the shelf” products and create something that fits your project and works with your architecture. Let us know if you are interested to know more.

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