Visualizing the Design

Many clients have a hard time reading construction drawings. Our process focuses on providing 3D imagery from beginning to end allowing better design execution and client expectation. From 3D modeling to Renderings lets discuss the technology behind visualizing the unbuilt environment.

3D Modeling

Sketchup from Trimble is a 3D modeling software we use to establish the initial pre-design for large projects and the full design and construction drawings for some of our smaller ones. Sketchup allows us to easily create 3D digital geometry to test and experiment with architectural design. The software is known for allowing extraordinary freedom through easy geometry manipulation.

Archi-Cad from Graphisoft is our go-to BIM modeling software. To learn more about BIM click here. Archicad allows us to create amazing detail connected to easy-to-understand 3D geometry. From the floorplan to 3D, both views are of one model. This connection spans the gap between 3D visualization and 2D drawings filled with information for constructability. Archicad acts as a swiss army knife, a one-stop-shop from concept to construction.


Twinmotion from Epic Games is our latest addition to our technology infrastructure. Twinmotion syncs with both Sketchup and Archicad to produce realistic imagery of your unbuilt project. The software uses video game technology to provide walkthroughs, still pictures, and even virtual reality. Renderings are typically created far into the design process. With Twinmotion we can create them on day one.

From 3D models and renderings to construction drawings, the purpose of all this technology is to provide our clients with the best understanding of the decisions being made. Better visualization equals better decisions and more successful projects.

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