The Rendering Process

Are you looking to visualize your home or investment before committing to a design? How about getting an image of your property to market and pre-sell before construction?

Architects and designers today have the capability to visualize their work in 3D and many can produce photo realistic renderings. Here is how it works.

The Design

It all starts with pre-design. Many designers and architects work in 3D digital modeling programs like Sketchup, ArchiCAD, and Revit. This 3D technology allows for greater design and better design visualization giving you more confidence in what will be built.

The Rendering

Once a 3D model is produced, the architect or 3rd party render use software like V-ray, Luminion, and Twinmotion to create more realistic models. Our office, as an example, uses Twinmotion to render our work. Twinmotion has model synchronization capabilities allowing us to produce real time changes to the models and renderings. It turns the cartoon like modeling software into something much more appealing. These models can then be exported as images.

The Cost

The cost of realistic renderings depends on the quality level. Low quality, non-photorealistic renderings are often included in the architect’s fees. Want something with a little more pop and realism? It just takes time. The more time spent on the rendering the better they become. Professional 3rd party renderings can start at $1200 for the first image and a few hundred for each additional rendering after. This initial fee is due to the time spent on model setup in the beginning which can take a few days to set it up correctly.

In addition to in-house renderings for our designs our firm has many great rendering recourses. Interested to get your project rendered? Give us a call, we can connect you with someone who can help.

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