Start Your Development: Do Your Homework with an Architect

As a developer, maximizing your site is essential. One of the first questions we can answer as architects is; what is possible? If you find yourself questioning what can be done on your site with zoning and other restrictions, our feasibility study may be your ticket to success. Since our firm introduced feasibility services it has been met overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Feasibility Study By CWarch

A feasibility study bridges the gap between your proforma and architectural design by determining the site and zoning limitations as well as uncovering the site’s potential. As architects, we can spot what influence the zoning will have on your plan layout, aesthetics, building code and more, long before anyone else. This ability for your team to see obstacles so early in the process is extraordinarily valuable and has the potential to save you thousands.

Good developers always do their homework; great developers do their homework with an architect. There are thresholds in the building code that can increase your construction cost dramatically once reached. Typically, these thresholds are related to egress, fire protection, and construction type. Knowing these thresholds and planning for them can help you better prepare for your investment and avoid any surprises.

A project doesn’t have to be large for a feasibility study to save you thousands. With our rigorous checklists, we can uncover many obstacles before a lot is even purchased. Such was the case when a previous client utilized our feasibility service before purchasing a lot for an HPR. Upon investigation, we found that this location had an undersized and out of date water line at the street. In order to supply two separate services for the homes, the main water line at the street had to be replaced for several hundred feet. This made it impossible for the project to make a profit. With this information, our client decided to not purchase the lot.

Feasibility doesn’t always uncover limitations, many times it uncovers unrealized potential. Client’s often approach us looking to maximize their site. There were several cases last year in which our site analysis determined that F.A.R. (Floor Area Ratio) was the major limiting factor. Using F.A.R. bonuses related to affordable housing and mass transit we were able to balance the new F.A.R and parking. This changed the proforma and offered greater site potential than previously estimated.

Don’t go it alone when it comes to site investigations, do your homework and use an architect. We can solve problems early and save your bottom line. Give us a call, we are here to help.

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