Coffee Ridge Resort

A place of natural beauty, with sounds of falling water, and views of the Appalachian Mountains set to offer an experience of escape and well-being. Located in East Tennessee near Erwin sits a 300 acres plot designed for a luxurious mountain retreat. Coffee Ridge Resort is a wellness-focused resort using modern, contextual architecture to create […]

Madeline Pargh Arts and Crafts Center

          The Design Our firm is dedicated to the latest technology to help clients visualize the project before it is built. Check out the design and renderings of the project before the building became real.    

The Spa

The Spa rests in a forest at the edge of Big Bald Creek. With an ever-present sound of water, azaleas and rhododendrons are within reach under the cover of the forest canopy. This is an intimate place where guests can connect with themselves and their partners in the forests of East Tennessee. Body and mind […]

Observatory Pavilion

Allowing guests of Coffee Ridge to reach out to the landscape beyond, The Observatory acts as a small event space overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains of East Tennessee. The “Point” acts as a stage for weddings and other focus-based ceremonies offering a platform with a 360-degree backdrop. The structure also features a 50-foot tall tower that acts as a dining experience while seconding as a beacon for the guests in the helicopter arriving at the resort.

The Greenhouse

Master the art of culinary farm-to-table freshness at the Greenhouse. Coffee Ridge focuses on wellness and connecting guest with nature. There’s no better way to experience the health of nature than by cooking with fresh ingredients. The greenhouse is not only a place for growing vegetables but a place for growing connections with your partner.