Hildreth Home


Pre-Design and Early Schematic

House on a Hill…

Located in a neighborhood just west of Nashville this site is perfect for a modern home. The site features a large hill sloping upwards towards the back of the property with views of the surrounding landscape. Occupying the hill is a priority to disconnect from the surrounding neighborhood but more importantly to capture those amazing views.


After completing the zoning analysis the next step was to gather the project program information from the client and begin diagramming the way in which we could “occupy the hill.” This planning exercise is an opportunity to not only understand the zoning regulations but also, understand the scale and massing of the potential project.


program diagramming
detailed massing study

Programming the project is set to be approximately 6,000 square feet conditioned featuring 5 bedrooms, an office, gym, game room, and wine cellar. Also, a part of the program is a 3 car garage with a workshop, an outdoor kitchen, roof deck, and a pool area.

Site slope creates an opportunity for great views and allows for a disconnect from the street. This disconnect creates privacy and an object like quality to the potential design.

The privacy should be considered given the close proximity to the neighbors. Let’s plan for more solid spaces near neighbors and more open spaces toward the view. Large amounts of glass can diminish privacy and therefore it is important to study the view of the home from street level. Perhaps a screening system can be used to break the visual from the street.

Trees and Vegetation are located mostly in the rear of the property as the lot backs up to a heavily wooded area atop the hill. This wooded area creates a space, defining the backyard and pool area.

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