Elliott Ave Nashville TN Urban Homes

Just off 8th Ave in South Nashville will soon sit the Elliott Urban Homes development. These 18 townhomes with each unit featuring 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in addition to a flex space and a roof deck for entertaining.


elliott urban homes

elliott urban homes design

elliott nashville tn urban homes

elliott nashville tn homes design


The renderings below highlight the geometry of the architecture and provide a general sense of scale and configuration.


elliott urban home

elliott urban home design

elliott ave nashville tn home design

The Architecture of Elliott Urban Homes

Elliott Urban Homes uses the form and geometry of modern architecture to create individual unit identity. The cantilever balconies off the front highlight the major spaces of the living room and primary bedroom. This tube-like structure helps each townhome read as an individual home even though they are attached in a townhome configuration. The illustration below highlights the square “tube” in red. Notice how the tubes are separated from one another. This separation combined with the cantilever and scale creates the individualistic effect.

elliott ave urban homes design


From the Inside of Urban Homes at Elliott Ave

The living, dining, and kitchen spaces make up the lower section (second level) of the “tube.”  Below you can see the long cylindrical space extends into the interior and connects the front of the unit to the rear.

Stay tuned for updated renderings that include the interior finish selections.

elliott ave nashville tn urban homes

elliott ave nashville tn homes design

elliott ave urban homes


Elliott Nashville TN Urban Homes – Material Selections

A dark and light contrasting color pallet is currently being considered for the project. The high contrasting materials create a more three-dimensional appearance and highlight the form of the units.

Dark Brick:

Chocolate or black in color the brick will likely be stained rather than painted. Stained brick is usually less expensive than dark brick but more durable than painted brick. The stain is absorbed into the brick allowing it to maintain its texture while offering a longer life span.

Light Stucco or Fiber Cement Panel: 

Stucco or Fiber Cement panel is being considered for the lighter areas of the project. The stucco products being considered use a rain screen and acrylic-based technology to prevent cracking and moisture issues often found in more traditional stucco systems. Fiber cement panels are an option that could be used to help with value engineering considerations. The panels offer a similar texture and consistency that stucco gives with potential cost savings.

Wood Trim and Decks:

A new product just introduced to our firm is being considered for the wood highlights. Modern Mill is a company that creates synthetic wood products designed to be more durable than actual wood without the plastic texture you get from most synthetic wood products.

Check out their product here. https://modern-mill.com/

elliott urban homes


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