929 South

Concept Based on the context, 929 takes advantage of downtown corner views by allowing the architecture to erode away toward entry and view. The home transitions from solid to open as you walk through the plan from alley to front street/view by exposing the structure and outdoor space. The major spaces of the home (living, dining, kitchen, decks, master bed) occupy view-focused positions (eroded areas) of the plan offering a sense of openness. ​ ​ 929 South was featured in the Fall 2020 edition of Nashville Lifestyles Magazine.

Featured: As featured in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine.

Project Goal: To create an urban oasis in the Edgehill area with views of the Gulch and downtown Nashville.

Concept: Eroded View: With corner views of downtown the architectural concept was created to maximize views from the living area and primary bedrooms while maintaining privacy in guestrooms and bathrooms. The architecture uses the contrast of materials to achieve this. While brick has a very solid appearance while glass and porch space have the opposite. The architecture transitions from solid brick to transparent glass and porch as you transition closer to the city views.

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