Are you looking for help understanding project feasibility and zoning regulations? We do that. Our firm focuses on holistic architectural design covering not only design but project due diligence and planning. Pre-designs vary project by project but can include 7 major steps.


Step 1: Zoning Review

We perform a zoning analysis to understand the regulations before starting the design. Zoning regulations can regulate building height, building position, building area, and much more. It is important to know these regulations before moving into the next design phase.


Step 2: Building Code Review

Another major part of your project is building code regulations. Our pre-design level building code review helps answer the initial questions related to what you can build based on the building code. This step is more critical on commercial projects because depending on the number of occupants in the structure will control large-scale decisions such as structural material. Knowing if the project can be built with wood versus concrete can influence drastic decisions moving forward.


Step 3: Program Analysis

Aside from regulations, your needs also influence the design. The program analysis is a review of your needs and how they compare to the size and cost of the project. We begin the review by looking at your needs and create a list similar to the one below. This begins to combine size and function so we can diagram solutions later.



Step 4: Solar Review

For those looking for a more efficient and energy-conscious design, we provide solar study review. Knowing this information can influence window positions and even building orientation.



Step 5: Planning and Diagramming

This step involves our team working through basic planning exercises that start to merge the regulations, your site, and your program. We start with your survey and work through several options that begin to lay out your project. This phase is left in diagram form to maintain design flexibility when we move forward into schematics.

Step 6: Project Budget

Budgets are always important. Our team helps you and your cost consultant think through what to expect when it comes to construction costs. We then can use this cost information to make design decisions later.


Step 7: Design Budget

Most projects need more than just architectural services. Once we have a clear understanding of the project we can provide you with a cost for not only architecture but any engineering and interior design as well. We provide those services and can subcontract any other design professional needed to get your project done.


Pre-design Example: Custom Home in a Rural Area

We have a YouTube channel and share process information to help folks like you understand the process. Check out the latest service and process videos below.




Pre-design and Early Design Example: Custom Home in a Sub-urban Environment