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Branch out on Exterior Materials

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

There are many factors to consider when selecting an exterior material for your home or business. Aesthetic considerations include color, texture, and shape. There are, of course, financial considerations as well, including both material cost and labor costs. Other attributes typically less thought of are strength, acoustics, maintenance, patina, porosity and weight.

Project - Mediateca de Carballo located in Carballo Spain Architect - óscar pedrós

Reinforced Stone and Porcelain Panels

Stone has always been a popular material due to its durability and look. Unfortunately, it is also known for its high cost. These high costs are primarily due to the material weight and labor required for installation. Today, reinforced stone and porcelain panels reduce the weight of the stone, and therefore, reduce labor without sacrificing aesthetics and durability. This exterior cladding hangs on a rail system provided by the manufacturer allowing for a very rapid installation. The honeycomb aluminum mesh, attached to the back side of the stone panel, offers flexibility and strength to reinforce the thinner stone (sometimes as thin as 3/8”). So branch out from the brick and fiber Cement and consider Stone or Porcelain Panels on your project.

Images by: TerraCORE Panels, LLC

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