Main Entry

Down the Hill from the Gordon Jewish Community Center, this building provides a place for activity and community connection. 


Displaying Activity

Strategic glass placement provides outside visitors a window of activity. This encourages social connection inviting others to join in on the fun. 

The Madeline Pargh Arts and Crafts Center (MPACC) is a modern interpretation of Tennessee Agrarian forms to create an architecture fitting to the context and community. The center features venue space for events and an art room for year-round and summer camper activities.  

The client needed a building that provides several functions for the community and their various events. 


Starting as always with pre-design, in diagram form, CW performed a series of program studies to determine size/space needs and the surrounding spatial relationships. 

Upon reaching layout and planning solutions we moved into the design phase to further study the massing, scale, construction, and aesthetics of the building. 

The images presented here are the digital renderings of the project in the design development phase. 

More to come soon. 


Create a center that provides strong community connections and encourages social interaction.  


Provide a space for events to be enjoyed by everyone. A multi-functional space is able to transform and allow a diversity of activity. 


A landing place for summer campers to meet. Including arts and crafts area for year-round use.  


Provide a kitchen and platform area to support the various events.  


Create a vernacular architecture providing a familiarity of context. 


Reaching Out

This image shows the right side of the structure facing out to a hillside adjacent to the building. With the doors open wide the staged event spills out onto the hill for an amphitheater-type performance.