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A Challenging Site. 
Many investors come to our doors with very challenging site conditions, this is defiantly one of them.
Site slope and limited space creates some interesting challenges. Teaming up with the surveyors our team used their site survey to diagram and evaluate the site's potential given these constraints. How do we maximize the site fitting as much housing as possible without violating existing zoning regulations. Balancing the lot size, number of homes, parking, and height regulations we came up with a game plan using our pre-design evaluations. 
Concept Design 
The concept begins with an understanding of townhomes. Unique yet unified the approach was to provide a balance of both. Taking precedent form the brownstone the Fern townhomes used consistency of the "Street Wall" to unify the design while breaking up the façade to identify individual units. Once the layouts and concepts were balanced with site we moved into completing the construction drawings. 
Rendering Process
Using Sketchup, ArchiCad and Twinmotion we are able to create photo realistic images of projects. This timelapse shows some of that process. These images are used to market projects.
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