From framing to electrical from plumbing to concrete we have done it all. We enjoy the process of creating and see a blank canvas as infinite potential. Our firm relies heavily on our digital models to design, however, we also explore physical design techniques on our personal projects. Knowing how to build makes us better designers.
Starting with an existing home located in the Donelson suburbs Jacob's mid-century home is surrounded by gardens create by the previous homeowner. Playing off this idea of connecting home to garden, the Garden Home transforms from solid disconnected box typical of 1950s ranch homes to being connected to the yard. 
The design/build is currently finishing its 2nd phase of many changes.  
Natural Materials
Green Cedar - Just east of the home sits Lebanon TN, known for its cedar trees. What better way to connect to context with contextual sustainable natural materials? Located at connection points with the yard the cedar highlights, through architecture, those natural connections between house and garden.
Compact Master Bedroom  
Many master bedrooms we design for clients are 500+ Square feet. On the Garden home we had a existing one car garage that was 275 Square feet we had to fit the master suite in. A small but elegant approach was the ultimate design solution. 

Coming Soon

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