The Gardens at Coffee Ridge starts with the design of several support structures for bulk storage, vehicle maintenance, horse stables, and staff living areas. 
We began by studying the placement of the building in various clearings for staff to enjoy the natural environment as well. The shape, layout, and materials of the building take the context of the woods and clearings into consideration.
The "Back of House" structure above uses a circular shape to provide an outwardly focus emphasis on the surrounding natural area. The staff bunkhouse was removed from the circle to engage the nearby clearing offering the staff great views of the nearby clearing. The circular shape also provides the ability for equipment storage and mechanic shop to have a more functional approach to retrieving equipment for repair. 

Schematic floor plans and models begin to illustrate how the home looks and lays out. 

Similar to the other structures at Coffee Ridge, the large roof canopy is held up by a wood frame post and beam structure similar to the surrounding tree trunks and tree canopy. The program of the structure is then infilled under the canopy to provide the functional characteristics to allow Coffee Ridge to stay maintained and clean. 
Phase 2 for the Gardens will begin with the Stable, Horse Pastures, and Greenhouse.