What is Construction Administration?

When you first break ground, no one knows your project better than your architect. Our team stays onboard during the construction process to help the general contractor communicate the design to the various suppliers and sub-contractors. In addition our team performs site observations to check the correctness and quality of the built work comparing the constructed to the designed. 


Stages of Construction Administration

Stages 1: Shop Drawing Review

Design misinterpretations usually start with the suppliers. Our team reviews the shop drawings created by the various manufactures budding the job to determine their compliance with the overall design. 

Shop drawings – Custom drawings created by various manufactures to assist the factory works in creating custom products. 

Stages 2: Submittals

Different contractors like using different products. Some of these products vary in cost and quality. Our team reviews the proposed changes to the products to help value engineer the design and work with the contractor to use products they are more familiar with.  

Stages 3: Site Observations

Another level of design misinterpretation occurs on-site. Our team walks the site helping you and your contractor control quality and build what was designed. Other task include providing additional details and drawings to clarify misunderstandings or issues arising during construction.