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Cephas Urban Home


The client of Cephas Urban Home came to CW with a vision of creating a modern version of her childhood home which used to occupy the same lot. A small white house where the front porch was the primary connection to the neighborhood. Located in North Nashville, Cephas Urban Home focuses on the street and creates both privacy and connection to urban life. To achieve this the home is visually split into two parts.


Part 1:

The dark brick1st level is visually horizontal, mimicking the street and providing space for people watching and connecting with neighbors on the front porch. The first level, like in many cities houses the public spaces of the home. The tall brick wall and high windows create privacy and light.


Part 2:

Above the horizontal 1st level are the 2nd level, 3rd level, and roof deck. This white box creates a vertical contrast from the public street life and is home to the bedrooms and private living spaces. The box is broken at the corners where views of the city are most dominant. Together the contracting colors and forms create a townhome fit for North Nashville. 


Horizontal public level mimicking and connecting to the street


The vertical townhome disconnected from the street and home to the private spaces. 

Sunlight Hours.jpg
Radiation and Sun Dia.jpg

An understanding of sun position and radiation hours was determined through digital solar mapping using "Lady Bug." Like many urban homes, light and energy are important factors to design for. 

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