Design Phase 2: What is Design Development?

If you have worked with an architect before you have probably heard the term “design development.” If not, that’s okay, here is what you need to know about this phase of design. What is Design Development? Last month we discussed phase 1 and how schematic design is all about the big picture and making broad […]

Design Phase 1: What is Schematic Design?

It is time. You have your survey, and you have gone through the planning exercises and feasibility studies of pre-design. It’s finally time to start the first part of the design process. The design process takes place in five phases, schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration. Here’s what the first phase, […]

Visualizing the Design

Many clients have a hard time reading construction drawings. Our process focuses on providing 3D imagery from beginning to end allowing better design execution and client expectation. From 3D modeling to Renderings lets discuss the technology behind visualizing the unbuilt environment. 3D Modeling Sketchup from Trimble is a 3D modeling software we use to establish […]

Your Home Team

A guide for Understanding Your Design and Construction Team Some people find the home building process stressful and overwhelming. Our advice, look at what the pros are doing. Developers rely on a team to get their projects moving forward and off the ground. Nothing is more important than surrounding yourself with a great team. Let’s […]

The Art of Algorithm

Have you ever wondered how architects, engineers, and contractors create such fascinating shaped structures? Think of the Music City Center by TVS Design and local firm Tuck-Hinton. Most complex structures, like the Music City Center, are created through algorithms using “Algorithmic Modeling.” Generative Algorithmic Modeling is a process of creating computer algorithms tied to geometry […]

The Rendering Process

Are you looking to visualize your home or investment before committing to a design? How about getting an image of your property to market and pre-sell before construction? Architects and designers today have the capability to visualize their work in 3D and many can produce photo realistic renderings. Here is how it works. The Design […]

Design & Project Coaching

As drawings are used as a tool in design, design is a tool used in project coaching. A lot of investors and homeowners when starting the process of construction do not understand the number of team members involved. As the owner, you will find yourself signing agreements with many different design and construction professionals to […]

3D Printed Construction

Let’s visualize for a moment the complexity of our current construction practice. Architects and engineers specify and design buildings with thousands of components, intersections, and relationships to be made between them. The contractors are then faced with the logistical challenge of mobilizing those components, assembling them onsite, and coordinating the different trades to complete the […]

8 Tips for Designing Your Dream Home

One of the greatest yet most terrifying experiences of many people’s lives is building a dream home. Having some help along the way is crucial to getting off on the right track. Our firm specializes in creating solutions for complex homes and situations on a daily basis but another big part of our firm is […]

Starting Sustainable: Gathering the Data

As more data becomes available about climate change, there is an increased demand for more sustainable design. From urban farming to organic produce, many people around the world are interested in sustainable living and wellness already. On top of this trend, populations are increasingly moving from rural to urban areas for the social atmosphere. This […]