Is Architecture Art?

Is architecture engineering or art? The short answer is that architectural designs are considered both an art and a science. The practice is actually a marriage between the two. Great architecture can actually be measured by how well the design decisions balance both pragmatism and creativity or user experience. The science and art of building […]

What is Modern Architecture?

What is modern architecture anyway? The term “Modern” is a broad one. The term is often used to describe something progressive, against the grain, and cutting edge, yet, ironically, the term quickly falls into describing something trendy and part of the status quo. How many times have we all heard the term “modern farmhouse?” The […]

Naturally Artificial: Concepts of Treeline Home

Last month in our “Naturally Artificial Post” we discussed how context can inform an architectural response and tie the place to the functions of the program. This enhances the sense of place and creates strong exterior connections. We gave specific examples from the “Hub House” at Coffee Ridge. Let’s discuss another example only this time […]

Structures and Wall Bracing in the Building Code

The International Residential Code (IRC) acts as a guide for many architects and contractors building one and two-family dwellings. One of the most challenging areas in the IRC deals with structural requirements. A deep dive into wall framing and bracing walls, as an example, reveals a lot of complexity that can be difficult to navigate. […]

Material Take-off During Design

As we discussed in our last post, construction costs can be difficult to identify during the pre-design process. With the many moving parts and constant state of change, cost evaluations must be performed in stages. If you missed it, cost evaluations must be performed in stages..

Knowing Your Project Costs During Design

Construction can be expensive. How do you navigate the world of construction costs during the pre-design phase? Almost every client is concerned about how construction and material costs impact their projects. Chaotic markets and changing labor demands, constantly contribute to ever-changing prices. Let’s discuss the techniques we use to get through it during the design.

Wellness and Sustainability for your Home

Beginning as we know it in 3000 – 1500 BC with Ayurveda, and manifesting more recently with the first wellness center in the U.S. opened by Dr. John Travis in California, wellness is a household concept.

Construction Drawings and Contracts

Construction drawings and specifications can be considered contracts between you and your builder. The more detailed the contract, the more precise the scope of work for the builder and their sub-contractors. Let’s discuss what makes your contract work better and why you want to have a detailed set of drawings to communicate your intent.

Design Phase 3: Construction Documents

We have discussed Schematic Design which answers the “what” and Design Development which answers the “How.” The next step is to communicate the information to the general contractor, the subcontractors, and the material suppliers to help facilitate the logistics of building the project. This communication comes in all forms with a lot of information to […]

Design Phase 5: Construction Administration

It’s time to build your house! It’s time to hand the construction drawings from your architect to your contractor to start construction, right? Well, not exactly. Don’t let your design team off the hook that easily. Their knowledge of the project is overwhelmingly valuable to you all the way to the end. How are architects […]