Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs & Roof Decks

    At our firm, we focus on creating high-end modern homes often pushing the boundaries of form and material. One of the signature forms found in many modern projects is the flat roof. In today’s blog, we look at how flat roofs work and what you should know when considering one for your next […]

Why Spray Foam?

Many of us know that insulation is a major component for keeping your building cool during the summer and warm during the winter. There are many different types of insulation but why is spray foam the preferred?   Batt Insulation – is probably the most common and most familiar to most people. Batt insulation is […]

Using Floor Trusses in Modern Design

Most buildings built in the United States these days are built from wood. Wood is in fact a renewable resource, affordable, easy to work with, and provides enough strength for most projects. Wood products range from commodity lumber (2x4s, 2x6s, etc.), engineered lumber, (LVLs, Plywood, etc.), and pre-fab trusses. In today’s blog, we discuss floor […]

Best Approaches to Basement Waterproofing

The dreaded flooding basement is a real pain. Basements, as we all know, are notorious for being damp and having water issues. This is primarily because water moves in all directions underground, sometimes even straight up. Not to mention soil weights a lot more when wet placing lots of stress on basement walls leading to […]

Construction Costs During Design

As we discussed in previous posts, construction costs can be difficult to identify during the pre-design and design process. With the many moving parts and constant state of change, cost evaluations must be performed in stages. A deeper dive under the hood reveals that there are key pieces of information needed to perform these cost evaluations. […]

Construction Drawings and Contracts

Construction drawings and specifications are considered contracts between you and your builder. The more detailed the contract, the more precise the scope of work for the builder and their sub-contractors. Let’s discuss what makes your contract work better and why you want to have a detailed set of drawings to communicate your intent. Drawing Types […]

Secrets in Finding a Great Contractor

One of the biggest challenges that many new homeowners face when building a custom home is finding a great contractor. The relationship between owner, contractor, and architect should be that of trust and good communication. Here’s our advice on how we determine if a contractor is a good fit for the team.

Design Phase 4: Bidding and Contracts

The smallest phase of the architect’s scope is all about distributing information and helping find a great contractor. The bidding phase is set up for the more traditional “design, bid, build” approach to construction and design, in which the main purpose is to provide consistent information to all contractors bidding on the project. The Traditional […]

Your Home Team

A guide for Understanding Your Design and Construction Team Some people find the home building process stressful and overwhelming. Our advice, look at what the pros are doing. Developers rely on a team to get their projects moving forward and off the ground. Nothing is more important than surrounding yourself with a great team. Let’s […]

How it Works: Flat Roofs

A “flat roof” is actually a “low sloping roof” and the finish material will determine how low you can go. Low slope roofs have a pitch of 2:12 (2 inches of drop over 12 inches horizontal) or less. Low slope roofs use membranes and metals as apposed to shingles to provide water protection. Most shingle […]