2 Things Every Investor Should Consider

How does your project fit into the context? By context, we don’t just simply mean meeting regulation through zoning and city planning. Although those are important. Architecture’s essence stems from the context and the environment around it. When someone buys your home or your condo, they are not simply buying your investment property, but a […]

Renovation and Change of Use

Renovating your home or business is a great option for improving your building’s functionality, aesthetics, and durability. When it comes to additions and changing a building’s use the design becomes more difficult because of zoning and building codes. This blog highlights what to watch out for when considering complex renovations and shows the amazing transformations […]

A Deeper Look At Zoning

Regardless of your experience in real estate and construction, zoning is always a challenge to tackle especially in more urban environments. Most of this challenge is due to varying interpretations and nuances within the code. Every project must start with a zoning evaluation before designing. Violating the zoning can have severe consequences and relying on […]

Start Your Development: Do Your Homework with an Architect

As a developer, maximizing your site is essential. One of the first questions we can answer as architects is; what is possible? If you find yourself questioning what can be done on your site with zoning and other restrictions, our feasibility study may be your ticket to success. Since our firm introduced feasibility services it […]

Start Your Project with Zoning Basics

Zoning Map From Nashville Metro

One of the biggest mistakes new developers and homeowners make when starting a construction project is that they overlook their local zoning code. Every project should start with an understanding of zoning before designing a building or even before purchasing a property for construction. Violating zoning regulations and building unauthorized structures can result in severe […]

Branch out on Exterior Materials

Project - Mediateca de Carballo located in Carballo Spain Architect - óscar pedrós

There are many factors to consider when selecting an exterior material for your home or business. Aesthetic considerations include color, texture, and shape. There are, of course, financial considerations as well, including both material cost and labor costs. Other attributes typically less thought of are strength, acoustics, maintenance, patina, porosity and weight. Reinforced Stone and […]

The Good Wood

Wood siding is a common exterior product used all around the region, especially on more contemporary homes and businesses. A major downside to using wood siding is maintenance. Most wood siding products require re-staining and re-sealing every few years to prevent rot. Wood products that typically last longer are usually more expensive due to the […]