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At CW we believe that creating content will lead to a better built environment beyond our own drawing boards.  Learn about the design & construction process and stay up-to-date on the latest in construction innovation here on our blog page. Also check out our YouTube channel.  

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Pre-Design Architecture – Why Is It Important?

The first phase in home design is not actually a design phase at all but rather a series of planning exercises to prepare you for ...
green building practices

Sustainable Design and Green Building Practices

There is something romantic about creating an architecture integral to nature. An architecture that is sustainable and carefully uses green building practices to share with ...

Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs & Roof Decks

    At our firm, we focus on creating high-end modern homes often pushing the boundaries of form and material. One of the signature forms ...

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8 tips for designing your dream home

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Start your Renovation: Steps to Measure Your Existing Building

Are you thinking of starting a renovation or an addition to your home or business? The first question we ask is; do you have existing ...
Zoning Map From Nashville Metro

Start Your Project with Zoning Basics

One of the biggest mistakes new developers and homeowners make when starting a construction project is that they overlook their local zoning code. Every project ...

Year-round Outdoor Space

Comfortable outdoor spaces are hard to find during the winter and sometimes even during the summer. In the past we have solved these problems with ...
Project - Mediateca de Carballo located in Carballo Spain Architect - óscar pedrós

Branch out on Exterior Materials

There are many factors to consider when selecting an exterior material for your home or business. Aesthetic considerations include color, texture, and shape. There are, ...

The Good Wood

Wood siding is a common exterior product used all around the region, especially on more contemporary homes and businesses. A major downside to using wood ...

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