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At CW we believe that creating content will lead to a better built environment beyond our own drawing boards.  Learn about the design & construction process and stay up-to-date on the latest in construction innovation here on our blog page. Also check out our YouTube channel.  

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Pre-Design Architecture – Why Is It Important?

The first phase in home design is not actually a design phase at all but rather a series of planning exercises to prepare you for ...
green building practices

Sustainable Design and Green Building Practices

There is something romantic about creating an architecture integral to nature. An architecture that is sustainable and carefully uses green building practices to share with ...

Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs & Roof Decks

    At our firm, we focus on creating high-end modern homes often pushing the boundaries of form and material. One of the signature forms ...

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8 tips for designing your dream home

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Whether you are a real estate investor or looking to build a new home, the process of design and construction can be overwhelming with an extraordinary amount of decisions to be made and obstacles to overcome. Breakthrough the process and place yourself on a path towards a successful project with expert insider knowledge. Sign up for free and start educating yourself on the road ahead.

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CAD vs. BIM, Design Software

Computer Aided Drafting or CAD, is the old way of drafting and design. While Building Information Modeling, also known as BIM, is the new way. ...

Building Code Basics

From differing interpretations to single family code this blog post highlights some basics regarding building code and what is important for you to know as ...

2 Things Every Investor Should Consider

How does your project fit into the context? By context, we don’t just simply mean meeting regulation through zoning and city planning. Although those are ...

To Vent or Not to Vent

Vented attics and crawl spaces are the typical practice for homes and have been for years. In this blog we discuss why encapsulation is the ...

So, What Does an Architect Do?

Apart from designing buildings, practicing architecture is a bit like balancing on a tight rope. This act of funambulism balances several elements and merges them ...

Let’s Talk About Your Style.

Most people when starting their home design begin by looking at architectural styles and images of homes online. Most floor plan websites refine searches by ...

The Function of Space for your Home

Buildings are inherently complex with many moving parts and systems which allow your structure to function properly. However, function can be addressed in a variety ...

Renovation and Change of Use

Renovating your home or business is a great option for improving your building’s functionality, aesthetics, and durability. When it comes to additions and changing a ...

Design for Site Opportunities

Architecture lies between program (the spaces needed in a building) and site and has an intentional effect on the form and material of a building. ...

“The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Building Their New Home”

CWarch has put together a list of assumptions and mistakes people make when building their new home. For more information check out the link below. ...

A Deeper Look At Zoning

Regardless of your experience in real estate and construction, zoning is always a challenge to tackle especially in more urban environments. Most of this challenge ...

Start Your Development: Do Your Homework with an Architect

As a developer, maximizing your site is essential. One of the first questions we can answer as architects is; what is possible? If you find ...

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