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At CW we believe that creating content will lead to a better built environment beyond our own drawing boards.  Learn about the design & construction process and stay up-to-date on the latest in construction innovation here on our blog page. Also check out our YouTube channel.  

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Pre-Design Architecture – Why Is It Important?

The first phase in home design is not actually a design phase at all but rather a series of planning exercises to prepare you for ...
green building practices

Sustainable Design and Green Building Practices

There is something romantic about creating an architecture integral to nature. An architecture that is sustainable and carefully uses green building practices to share with ...

Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs & Roof Decks

    At our firm, we focus on creating high-end modern homes often pushing the boundaries of form and material. One of the signature forms ...

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8 tips for designing your dream home

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Whether you are a real estate investor or looking to build a new home, the process of design and construction can be overwhelming with an extraordinary amount of decisions to be made and obstacles to overcome. Breakthrough the process and place yourself on a path towards a successful project with expert insider knowledge. Sign up for free and start educating yourself on the road ahead.

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Design & Project Coaching

As drawings are used as a tool in design, design is a tool used in project coaching. A lot of investors and homeowners when starting ...

Starting Your Custom Home

Many believe the home design process starts with style selection. Unfortunately, this only places focus on what your home will look like. Rather than starting ...

How it Works: Flat Roofs

A “flat roof” is actually a “low sloping roof” and the finish material will determine how low you can go. Low slope roofs have a ...

3D Printed Construction

Let’s visualize for a moment the complexity of our current construction practice. Architects and engineers specify and design buildings with thousands of components, intersections, and ...

8 Tips for Designing Your Dream Home

One of the greatest yet most terrifying experiences of many people’s lives is building a dream home. Having some help along the way is crucial ...

Starting Sustainable: Gathering the Data

As more data becomes available about climate change, there is an increased demand for more sustainable design. From urban farming to organic produce, many people ...

An Outside the Box Material Option

Today, the materials we choose to adorn our projects are almost as important as the design itself, as they can (if you do it right) ...

On-Site Technology for Residential

The days of printed drawings are soon behind us. On-site tech is being used more and more especially in the commercial world. Though the residential ...

Case Study: Construction Administration in South Nashville

Many architects provide design services in five phases. One of those phases includes site/construction evaluation to provide quality control helping to ensure that design interpretation ...

Prefab Modular Construction

To put it simply, prefab means to construct in a factory setting and modular means repetition. Prefab modular construction, we believe, is the future of ...

Rainscreens for Exterior Finishes

Moisture protection is a major consideration in any building design. Without proper moisture control your building is subject to all sorts of issues from mold ...

Sustainable Wood Framing

Wood framing (type V construction) is one of the most common building typologies especially in the residential construction industry. Most homes in the U.S. use ...

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