The Architect’s Drawing Guide

Construction drawings can be complex oftentimes featuring hundreds of pages of drawings and specifications. I have found over the years in my practice that there are a lot of folks who either have a difficult time reading construction drawings or have a hard time finding specific information related to the project. This is why we […]

Pre-Design Architecture – Why Is It Important?

The first phase in home design is not actually a design phase at all but rather a series of planning exercises to prepare you for the design. We call this phase “pre-design.” Pre-design has one primary objective; to gather and understand the project parameters and make sure that you have all the data about the […]

Sustainable Design and Green Building Practices

green building practices

There is something romantic about creating an architecture integral to nature. An architecture that is sustainable and carefully uses green building practices to share with nature rather than dominate it. Sustainable building practices take time and energy to be done correctly.   What is Green Building? Green building is the design and construction method that […]

Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs & Roof Decks

    At our firm, we focus on creating high-end modern homes often pushing the boundaries of form and material. One of the signature forms found in many modern projects is the flat roof. In today’s blog, we look at how flat roofs work and what you should know when considering one for your next […]

Why Spray Foam?

Many of us know that insulation is a major component for keeping your building cool during the summer and warm during the winter. There are many different types of insulation but why is spray foam the preferred?   Batt Insulation – is probably the most common and most familiar to most people. Batt insulation is […]

Using Floor Trusses in Modern Design

Most buildings built in the United States these days are built from wood. Wood is in fact a renewable resource, affordable, easy to work with, and provides enough strength for most projects. Wood products range from commodity lumber (2x4s, 2x6s, etc.), engineered lumber, (LVLs, Plywood, etc.), and pre-fab trusses. In today’s blog, we discuss floor […]

Best Approaches to Basement Waterproofing

The dreaded flooding basement is a real pain. Basements, as we all know, are notorious for being damp and having water issues. This is primarily because water moves in all directions underground, sometimes even straight up. Not to mention soil weights a lot more when wet placing lots of stress on basement walls leading to […]

Is Architecture Art?

Is architecture engineering or art? The short answer is that architectural designs are considered both an art and a science. The practice is actually a marriage between the two. Great architecture can actually be measured by how well the design decisions balance both pragmatism and creativity or user experience. The science and art of building […]

What is Modern Architecture?

What is modern architecture anyway? The term “Modern” is a broad one. The term is often used to describe something progressive, against the grain, and cutting edge, yet, ironically, the term quickly falls into describing something trendy and part of the status quo. How many times have we all heard the term “modern farmhouse?” The […]

Naturally Artificial: Concepts of Treeline Home

Last month in our “Naturally Artificial Post” we discussed how context can inform an architectural response and tie the place to the functions of the program. This enhances the sense of place and creates strong exterior connections. We gave specific examples from the “Hub House” at Coffee Ridge. Let’s discuss another example only this time […]