defining collaboration and timeless innovation

Traditionally architecture firms have taken a black-box approach to design in search of their own style to satisfy their own ego. not this team. While styles and trends fade, a timeless architecture in response to your context and your needs does not. Not defined by a style or placed in a category our architecture is innovative and focused on your needs, your lifestyle, and your context creating a unique architecture specific to you. a diversity of architecture truly customized for the individual.
How we do it.
Through blogging, consultation, and design our team walks you through the entire process from early research to drawing board and construction.

Blogging: Having information about the process early is important for your research. From zoning regulations to style, we offer information about design and construction through our blog page.

Consultation: Want answers to more specific questions about your project? We offer consultation and site visits. From small isolated design problems to larger-scale developments we can guide you in the right direction.

Design: From the drawing board to construction site observations, we help your project become real at every stage. Our customizable design services are organized into many different options to provide our clients with exactly what they need to achieve a project perfect for them.

Meet The Team

Brian Clements

Principal Architect

Jacob Wimsatt

Principal Architect

Meredith Bickett

Principal Architect

Meet The Team

In-house and out we surround ourselves with the best team members possible. From surveyors and engineers to interior designers and contractors, we work with a passionate and dedicated group of team members ready to solve problems and design dreams. Our process involves these professionals and others early in the design process to ensure our client’s projects are designed and built as seamlessly as possible. A great team is essential to creating a great project.


Virtual Reality Walk-throughs

How does the space feel? Too large? Too Small? VR allows us to walk our clients through their space and experience firsthand how their project feels. Using our VR headgear we can even modify elements live while you sit on your virtual couch in digital space.

Building Information Modeling

We use the latest in Building Information Modeling to create more detailed drawings to help you visualize the design. BIM offers your construction team the tools they need for building your project better while reducing site errors and time delays.

On-site Communication

Linked to the in-office BIM modeling software we can stream information to the contractors in the field without having to re-print bulky construction drawings. Real-time updates to design solutions save you time and money.

Parametric Modeling​

Through software research like Grasshopper, Rhino-3D, and Param-o our team has the capability to create complex shapes while analyzing more sustainable approaches to architecture.

Rendering and Visualization

Synchronized rendering software gives us the ability to provide our clients with photorealistic renderings of your project long before the first nail is driven. Know what’s being designed without having to interpret complex construction drawings. Join this with VR technology and you have a realistic model we can walkthrough.