A great architectural service is all about project coaching, innovation, and integration. Through blogging, consultation, and design our team walks you through the entire process from early research to drawing board, and eventually construction.


From zoning regulations to style we offer information about design and construction through our blog page. Our blog is there to help you with your early research and to help everyone succeed in building their projects dreams. 


Wanting answers to more specific questions about your project? We also offer consultation and site visits. From small isolated design problems to larger scale developments we can guide you in the right direction. 


Need solutions to complex design problems? We do that too. Our design services are organized in three options from simple to complex, you choose our involvement in your project.  



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One of Nashville's Best Architects according to "Nashville Lifestyles"

Clements Wimsatt Architects was recognized in the Fall 2020 issue of Nashville Lifestyles magazine. The firm placed runner up for best architect of the "At Home Awards." Our 929 South Project was also featured in the magazine. Check out our work at 929 South here

"Rue Daily" Magazine from January 2018

23 Fern Ave by Clements Wimsatt Architects is featured in the January issue of Rue Magazine in 2018. 


"Project of the Year" APWA Fall 2015

Bowling Green's Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) Project receives project of the year in Fall of 2015. The NCS building was a project designed by the original firm in 2014. 


Building Information Modeling

Our firm uses the latest in Building Information Modeling to create more detailed drawings to help you visualize the design and the construction team to build your project in better. 

On-site Communication

Linked to the in-office BIM modeling software like BIM-X we can stream information to the contractors in the field without having to re-print bulky construction drawings. Real-time updates to design solutions saves time and money. 

Parametric Modeling

Through software research like Grasshopper, Rhino-3D, and Param-o our team has the capability to create complex shapes and forms.


In-house Rendering 

Synchronized rendering software gives us the ability to provide our clients with photo realistic renderings of your project long before the first nail is driven.


Want to be on the Team?

We surround ourselves with the best team members possible. From surveyors and engineers to interior designers and contractors, we work with the best. Our process involves these professionals and others early in the design process to ensure your project is designed and built as seamlessly as possible. A great team is essential to creating a great project. 

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615 Main Street Ste. M20 Nashville TN 37206

(615) 551-1319

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